Bloody Romance Drama Review

Woman is the eternal theme which most dramas described. The beauty and tragedy make us to watch it again and again. Bloody Romance tells a story about a woman Su Qixue has to be survival in the Gui Hua City after being sold by his father. But he finds out she becomes victim of power struggle between prince and ruler.

Bloody Romance is adapted by Banming Banmei’s novel Bloody Romance. The novel was top rating on Weibo. The drama is starred by Yi Yitong, Qu Chuxiao and Wang Duo.


Bloody Romance

Like other Chinese dramas, the heroine struggles to live in the cruel world. Qixue (Li Yitong) is no difference, she lives by carrying death body. But his father still sells her to brothel. Liu Guang (Guo Xuefu) saves her when she is almost raped, she tells her to join Gui Hua City which is the only place she can be survival.

But Gui Hua City isn’t a paradise, she has to learn how to become a assassin, otherwise she will be killed. She is sent to kill the big boss prince (Wang Duo). The prince wants to kill her, and eats her heart because she ate his pearl “Nine Lives”.

Fortunately, there is a warm man Chang An (Qu Chuxiao) is nice to her, and teaches her the murder skill. But he has his goal, and wants to kill the ruler Cha Luo (Xu Jieer). So he abandoned Qixue when she doesn’t have good future than Liu Guang, and becomes Liu Guang’s servant.

Qixue is bitterness since Chang An is the only one she trust, and gets disfigured. The prince catches the chance to approach her, makes her fall for him. Because she looks like his mother. He plans to use her to replace the ruler Cha Luo, and becomes the new ruler.

But Qixue is too merciful, and Chang An returns. He tells her that his goal is make Liu Guang fights with Cha Luo, so Qixue can becomes the ruler. But she misunderstands him too much, and doesn’t trust him any more. Prince wants to kill Chan An as well, because he knows Qie Xue loves him.

Liu Guang falls Chang An as well, and feeds him aphrodisiac, to make him sleep with her. But he resists it as he loves Qi Xue. Prince confesses his love, and kisses Qi Xue. But she pushes him away. Prince asks if she loves someone else. She claims she only wants equal relationship.

But emperor sent the army to attack Gui Hua City, Cha Luo flees with her servant Xing Feng (Li Zifeng). Chang An fights with the army as he promised to Qixue protecting Prince. Just then Qi Xue sneak in palace, and dances for emperor to beg for retreat.


Bloody Romance
Bloody Romance
Bloody Romance

Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 10 Review

This is my review of Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 10, Park Cheol-Min wants to see Seo Rin and gives luck ring to Jang Baek-Hee as fees. Sharon is shocked after she saw her photo which was shot 100 years appears in Kim Young-Mi’s shop.

Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 10 Review

Black Knight

Park Gon knows Choi Ji-Hoon is Jung Hae-Ra’s ex through Sharon after they are drunk. Lee Sook-Hee thinks there is something happened between Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-Ra when she sees they looking at each other with smiling, although they denies it.

Moon Soo-Ho knows Yoon Dal Hong’s son got a car accident and is in a coma. Park Gon tells Choi Ji-Hoon that he knows he is Jung Hae-Ra’s ex and reveals they are good friends since childhood. Choi Ji-Hoon tells him that he isn’t intention to cheat her, it’s just a mistake, and thinks it’s not a sin to love her. But Park Gon thinks he fooled Jung Hae-Ra and is going to reported it to Moon Soo-Ho.

Moon Soo-Ho lets his assistant send a basket of flowers to Yoon Dal Hong with blessing. Park Cheol-Min treats Jang Baek-Hee brunch and asks her about Seo Rin, Jang Baek-Hee tells him that Sharon is alive but she gets old. Sharon asks Yang Seung-Goo’s suggestion regarding the shirt which she wears. Yang Seung-Goo thinks it was made for male.

Jung Hae-Ra wants to visit Sharon with her friends, but she rejects it. Park Cheol-Min shows his collecting to Jang Baek-Hee, but she thinks there isn’t any item which she is looking for. He gives her the luck ring which was found in yellow tail’s stomach and asks a meet with Sharon, Jang Baek-Hee recalls Sharon told her that she lost the luck ring from the cliff.

Sharon is shocked when she sees Kim Young-Mi use her photo which is shot 100 years ago in her shop, she asks to buy the photo, but Kim Young-Mi rejects it and tells her that she will give her as present if she can do business with her and Jung Hae-Ra. Sharon pours a cup of tea on the photo and breaks it.

Sharon feels depressed even if she ate so many taffies and asks Yang Seung-Goo to buy some cakes, but he rejects it and want to quit. Sharon orders him to buy cakes before he quits. Moon Soo-Ho persuades Jung Hae-Ra to invite Sharon to do the business together even if she rejects it.

Choi Ji-Hoon gives Moon Soo-Ho the shirt which made by Sharon to thank him for recommending clients to him. Director thinks Jung Hae-Ra is interviewing with other companies after he sees she isn’t in the office. Jung Hae-Ra brings draft proposals to Sharon, but Sharon doesn’t want to do business with her. Jung Hae-Ra wears a veil hat after seeing so many wedding dresses in the tailor and reveals she wants to get marry with someone she loves. Sharon hurts Jung Hae-Ra’s face with her scissors. They have a fight after Jung Hae-Ra sees the blood on her palm.

Sharon thinks Boon Yi didn’t respect her and bit her since she is just her slaver. Jung Hae-Ra returns and apologizes to Sharon with delicious food, Yang Seung-Goo thinks she has nice personality. Jung Hae-Ra is upset after she knew her project is cancelled as other companies copy her idea. She hugs Moon Soo-Ho tightly after she runs into him, he claims his heart is burning and takes out roasted sweet potatoes from his chest, she lets him not make fun since she is sad.

Moon Soo-Ho invites Lee Sook-Hee to join their dinner and reveals she and his guest are their family. Lee Sook-Hee runs into Jang Baek-Hee outside and recalls she is the person who paid off the debt for her and asked her to take care of Jung Hae-Ra. Jang Baek-Hee lets her pretend they never met before.

Ahn Chan Ki visits Sharon and wants to do business with her, she isn’t interested in his project initially but she accepts it after she knows his boss is Moon Soo-Ho. Moon Soo-Ho reveals there are two persons who saved his life, they are Jung Hae-Ra and Jang Baek-Hee. Jang Baek-Hee reveals she encouraged him when some bad things happen to him and gives the luck ring to him, letting him to melt it when he wants to make matching ring with Jung Hae-Ra. Lee Sook-Hee thinks Jang Baek-Hee is acting Jung Hae-Ra’s mother-in-law.

Jung Hae-Ra comes up with new ideas but are voted by director, she wants to get angry but calm down ultimately. Moon Soo-Ho appears, director introduces him to the team members and reveals he will work with them. Moon Soo-Ho hugs her when they are outside.

Sharon visits Moon Soo-Ho’s company, Ahn Chan Ki introduces her as the land’s owner Seo Rin.

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Tribes and Empires Chinese Drama Review

At the end of 2017, there is a new Chinese Drama “Tribes and Empires” arrives. It takes place in the mythological world, Muyun Sheng as emperor’s sixth son is predicted to destroy human world and other 7 tribes since he was born. Because his mother is demon and killed by emperor.

Although emperor loves Muyun Sheng more when compares to other princes, he fears his son’s power and stays away from him. As Muyun Sheng is dead and his father doesn’t care, he lives alone without any friend.

Tribes and Empires

Muru Hanjiang comes from Muru family and is destined to be next emperor. His father fears his birth may damage the whole family, he threw him since he was a child. Muru Hanjiang becomes a slave for saving his lover Su Yuning. Then, his father finds him and lets him commit suicide as he must loyal to emperor. Fortunately, emperor forgive Muru Hanjiang and lets him study with his son Muyun Sheng.

Muru Hanjiang likes Muyun Sheng immediately after knowing his miserable past. He treats him as friend and protect him when Muyun Sheng’s brother bullies him. He also meets his first love again in the palace, but she forgets him and is chased by second prince Muyun Lu.

Tribes and Empires

Shuofeng Heye is the young master of Shuofeng family. His parents are killed by Muru family as he takes a stranger to his tribe. Then, he is sold as a slave and meets Muru Hanjiang. Shuofeng Heye becomes Muyun Yanshuang’s salve as she buys him from slave market. She lets him fighter for her and promises to give him freedom if he can defeat all of the gladiators.

Su Yuning is the destined empress, but she isn’t interested in it. She is sent to palace and gains lots of enemies, when she is predicted to be next empress. She has to fight other misses so that she can survive.

Tribes and Empires

Princess Agents Chinese Drama Review

Princess Agents is a hot Chinese drama which is starred by Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin. The story happens to Northern Wei, slavers are treated as pets and killed at any time if nobility wishes. At this time, a slaver girl Jin Xiaoliu (Zhao Liying) appears and wants to change their fate.

Jin Xiaoliu’s previous name is Chu Qiao (Zhao Liying) who is leader of Hanshan union Luo He’s daughter and Feng Yun order’s master, she forgot her name and lost her martial art after killing Western Wei general Yuwen Hao and was injured. She is treated as slaver girl and sent to hunting ground, hunted by princes and nobles.

Fortunately, she is saved by Yuwen Yue (Lin Gengxin) who is Fourth young master of the Yuwen Manor. He teaches Jin Xiaoliu how to be survival in his manor and how to deal with his brother Yuwen Huai. However he killed her brother Jin Linxi to save his poisoned grandpa and hides the truth he is still alive. Since then, Jin Xiaoliu misunderstands and hates him, even if he gives her the best.

Prince of Northern Yan Yan Xun (Shawn Dou) also is interested in Jin Xiaoliu, he wants Yuwen Yue to give him Jin Xiaoliu, but Yuwen Yue rejects it even if they are good friend. Jin Xiaoliu tells Yan Xun her true name which she only tells him after he saved her from Northern Liang’s assassin.

Princess of Western Wei Yuan Chun (Li Qin) loves Yan Xun and likes to play with him. She dislikes Jin Xiaoliu as she always stays with Yan Xun. Her parents intend to marry her to Yu Wenyue so that they can control God of Eyes, but Yuan Chun rejects it as he always poses with a cold face.

Yuwen Yue’s grandpa Yuwen Zhuo worries about his grandson falls in love with Jin Xiaoliu. Because he ever loved his maid and was hurt deeply. He doesn’t want Yuwen Yue to repeat his mistake. Although, his grandson states he just treats Jin Xiaoliu as tool, Yuwen Zhuo doesn’t believes what he said. He lets Yuwen Yue trains her as a sacrifice to spy Northern Liang. Jin Xiaoliu is desperate after hearing what Yuwen Yue said. She decides to betrays her master and stays with Yan Xun.

South Korean Singer IU to Star in tvN’s ‘My Mister’

TvN‘s new drama ‘My Mister‘ is going to film. South Korean singer IU will join it and as lead actress. It seems like she decides to venture into small screen as Suzy.

IU is going to act a female temp who has to track Park Dong Hoon and reports it to her leader. However, she betrays and falls in love with him while knowing Park Dong Hoon is a good guy.

‘My Mister’ isn’t IU’s only Korean drama, she and Kim Soo-hyun cast TV series “The Producers” in 2015. Her acting skill is stunning.

Red Velvet’s Yeri Thanks Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon for her Support

As a senior, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is very nice and always takes care of her juniors when she is popular enough in South Korean. She recently attends Red Velvet the comeback showcase of ‘Perfect Velvet’ as MC.

Red Velvet’s Yeri reveals Taeyeon didn’t attend showcase as MC before. She did it just because she wants to help her juniors. Also the Girls’ Generation’s leader cooked food for Yeri and other members while she is free. She treats them as her sisters and help them regularly although she is busy in her promoting and isn’t in same group.

Delicious Destiny Drama Review

I really enjoy Chinese Drama, especially food related. Delicious Destiny is the one aired on Youku 2017. The drama talks about a handsome chef and a poor girl’s love.

Li Yu Zhe (Mike) is a chef who was born from a rich family. He falls in love with Song Jia Ming (Mao Xiao Tong) after filming Delicious Destiny. He has a rich girlfriend Ye Yi Lan (Chen Xin Yu) who works for his father and loves him deeply. While finding Li Yu Zhe is interested in the poor girl, she tries to stop it. However, she fails, even if she utilizes her family’s power.

In the beginning, Song Jia Ming didn’t love Li Yu Zhe at all. She is interested in her senior Zhao Han and dislike Li Yu Zhe’s arrogance. But, she is moved while seeing he helps her look for her mother and takes care of her when she gets sick.

Zhao Han is Yu Zhe and Yi Lan’s close friend. He hates Yu Zhe as his father killed his father and drove his mother mad. He loves Yi Lan, but his lover is only interested in Yu Zhe. He kidnaps Yi Lan and Jia Ming, avenging his parents.

Although Yi Lan comes from a rich family, her mother is just a ugly and poor woman. Her grandmother Han Xiu Yun covers it and doesn’t want she to see her mother. Her stepmother Chen Lan is Jia Ming is mother, she abandons Jia Ming as her ex-husband is poor and cannot give the life she wants, hence she married Yi Lan’s father because of money. She tries her best to prevent her daughter from finding her and is afraid of losing what she owns.

Yu Zhe also has a stepbrother Kun Jin who comes from Thailand. He lands China and looks for his father. But Li Jia Guo always tries his best to send him to home. He knows his wife will divorce with him, if she knows the truth.

Delicious Destiny is a good drama which is worth to watch, as Mike, Mao Xiao Tong and Chen Xin Yu’s joining. You can see how Mike chases Mao Xiao Tong and how Chen Xin Yu prevents their love. She hurts others as well as herself.

Super Junior’s Heechul is Afraid of Taking Picture with his Girlfriend

It’s normal thing a man takes picture with his girlfriend. However, it doesn’t belong to most Korean star like Super Junior’s Heechul. He reveals it while promoting drama ‘My Daughter’s Men’.

Super Junior’s Heechul reveals it’s dangerous after taking photo. If someone steals my phone, he gets a chance to post the pictures to the internet which damaging both I and my girlfriend.

Also he mentions it’s awkward if he breaks with girlfriend, but the photos are still there. That’s why we don’t see any his lover’s picture in Heechul’s phone. The singer knows how to protect him and his family in the safe way as a celebrity and is too careful.

EXO to Drop their 1st Japanese Album

As a successful South kpop group, EXO is going to drop their 1st album in Japan next year since their agency S.M. Entertainment decided to enter Japanese market.

Although there are not many Japanese persons knows the boy group just like Korean, they debuted in 2015 and dropped the single “Love Me Right romantic universe” and is welcomed by local fans. However, most Japanese cannot understand Korean, hence they have to guess the meaning through the music. When compare to great majority of local music bands, EXO didn’t have any advantage.

That’s why S.M. Entertainment forces the singers of Exo to learn Japanese from then on. I am not sure whether or not the fans can accept their new album in Japanese version, I have to say, “Good luck!”

Han Ye-seul’s Cooking Skill is Bad in “20th Century Boy and Girl”

Han Ye-seul acts Sa Jin-jin in “20th Century Boy and Girl”. Her cooking skill is bad so that her agent rejects invitation from show “I Live Alone”.

Sa Jin-jin is a pretty and famous actress in Korean, however she is still single since she is over 30 years old. She meets her childhood lover Gong Ji-won and falls in love with him.

Although CEO Jang refuses the invitation as he knows Han Ye-seul doesn’t have any experience of cooking because she lives with her parents, the show’s PD insists that she is suitable for their program.

At this time, Han Ye-seul messes a fried egg when she is preparing food for Ji-won, even if she follows the recipe step by step. As there is enough eggs at home, she goes to supermarket and orders some.

20th Century Boy and Girl talks about the couple’s love since they were separated many years ago.