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The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 16 Review

Xia Ke finds the real suspect, and he asks Xing Yun to go back to work. The two feel happy. But He Yu is sad after seeing their sweet scene.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 16 Review

Xia Ke brings the real evidence through making car accident. The person who bought the car was Dong Dong, and the policy holder was younger female cousin of President Yang.

Dong Dong admits that he stole the secret, and he’s taken away by police. Xia Ke announces to get back Xing Yun’s position.

Lin Jing shows up, and she was arranged to prepare the wedding by President Yang. Manager Duan apologizes to Xing Yun, but he hates her more.

Lin Jing tells Xing Yun that Ke Ke came to the company to look into the case when she left. Xing Yun is moved.

President Qian gets people in the project to leave because of the leak, but he keeps He Yu and Yao Qing. The two work overtime.

Xing Yun brings the gift to Xia Ke, and it’s the action figure he asked her to buy. She hears him having a fight with the investor, and Manager Duan asks Xia Ke to fire Xing Yun.

Manager Duan threatens to end investment. Xing Yun worries about it when she sees Xia Ke working hard for TIG.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 15 Review

The colleagues in the company talk about Xing Yun. Xia Ke has to suspend Xing Yun. She is furious to leave, and wants to find the evidence to prove her innocence.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 15 Review

The classmate Lin Jing runs into the boss who wanted to hire her, and the boss is the owner of the company who copied the game.

He Yu walks Xing Yun and wants to help her. Yi Yi and Amy are angry for Xing Yun, and they think Xing Yun is wronged.

The only one who doesn’t take action is Xia Ke, but he actually looks into the case in the company and doesn’t sleep.

Yao Qing sees it and accompanies Xia Ke to work. Shen Qing asks Xing Yun to move goods for her, and Xing Yun runs into Xia Ke.

Xia Ke is still in anger, and he fights with Xing Yun. He tells her that he trusts her, and she is stunned. The two find the trace in the place they send cake.

The car store gives the ballet tickets to car owners, and the reception of TIG received it. It means that someone got huge money to buy car, and the express is anonymous. Nobody takes it, and it looks suspicious.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 14 Review

Xing Yun wakes up, and she is surprised that she was drunk to kiss Xia Ke since she stayed with He Yu last night.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 14 Review

Xing Yun asks Xia Ke if what she likes is the real person or the person in her mind. But he gives her wrong method.

Xia Ke doesn’t understand why Xing Yun doesn’t take action since he has confessed his feelings. So he keeps showing up in front of her. But it confuses Xing Yun.

Xing Yun is taken to the gathering of Jiawo and TIG, and she finds out that she is the only one who didn’t get invited.

She feels wronged while seeing Xia Ke’s black face, and he’s upset. Xing Yun doesn’t understand why she took part in with the girlfriend of He Yu.

She hears that she got blocked because of Xia Ke’s ex-girlfriend Yao Qing. Xing Yun is upset while seeing pretty Yao Qing.

Xing Yun decides to talk with Xia Ke about it, but the two misunderstand each other. Yao Qing shows up, and Xing Yun gets in the car of He Yu.

Legend of Awakening Drama Review

Nowadays more and more people like Chinese drama. Legend of Awakening is the one which is worth to watch. It tells a story about a boy Lu Ping who fights with his fate, and wins the beauty Qin Sang’s love.


Legend of Awakening

Lu Ping (Chen Feiyu) is a boy who masters six souls, and he’s caught to Shanhai sect. He flees from there in the thief Guo Youdao’s help, and saves his sister Su Tang (Enxi Deng). But his power is sealed by the chain, and he wants to find the man Wen Gecheng as he mistakes that the person is the thief.

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Lu Ping works for picking wind sect many years later, and he hides his real power. Because he doesn’t want the men of Shanhai sect find him, and he knows that they will take him back. There is another guy working for picking wind sect, and his name is Zhao Xifan (Xiong Ziqi).

Zhao Xifan still feels regret that his brother was died for him, so he always takes care of Lu Ping. But Lu Ping plans to leave picking wind sect once he gets Wen Gecheng to open chain. He thinks Xi Fan and his sister Su Tang is best match.

The Shanhai badge appears at the Fengling sect, and the people will die when they receive it. The lady Qin Sang (Cheng Xiao) decides to help the people of Fengling sect, but she’s defeated by the walking man of Shanhai sect Situ Chong. She draws him to the bandit village with the badge.

Legend of Awakening

Su Tang and Zhao Xifan join the battle, but they’re defeated by the walking man. Lu Ping shows up with a mask, and he draws the walking man to the woods. The walking man gets defeated, and he wonders why Lu Ping masters six souls. Lu Ping lets Situ Chong to see his real face before he dies. Situ Chong knows that Lu Ping is the person the chief has looked for.

Qin Sang mistakes Lu Ping as the friend of Shanhai sect, and she attacks him. Lu Ping hangs her on the tree, and he leaves. Wei Tianqi passes by and he saves Qin Sang. Qin Sang swears to catch Lu Ping to wash the shame she got. The assassin Mo Lin volunteers to accept the task. But he is fooled by Lu Ping because Mo Lin doesn’t have the soul of the strength.

Lu Ping knows Qin Sang can help him find Wen Gecheng, and he ties her up in the hotel. The killer Xing Luo comes, and Su Tang helps Lu Ping and Qin Sang flee. Xi Fan takes Mo Lin to arrive at the hotel, and Xi Fan recognizes that Xing Luo was the killer who killed his friend. But he cannot move because he fears Xing Luo’s power.

Legend of Awakening

Mo Lin catches the chance to kill Xing Luo’s friend, and she goes to picking wind sect to take revenge. The students are not her opponent. Lu Ping realizes that he shouldn’t shirk, and he shows up to fight with Xing Luo.

Xing Luo gets defeated on the end, and Xi Fan finds the real face under the mask. Su Tang tells Xi Fan that Lu Ping used out his power for saving him, and he intends to use it in the soul meeting to run into Wen Gecheng. The master Guo Youdao shows up, and gives the medicine to Xi Fan. Xi Fan wins the friendship with the medicine, and he tells the students to help Lu Ping take part in soul meeting.

Lu Ping finds Wen Gecheng, but he finds out that Wen Gecheng is the spy of Shanhai sect. Wen Gecheng catches Lu Ping after he killed his master. Xi Fan finds Lu Ping before they leave, and he kills Wen Gecheng with the bamboo.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 13 Review

Xia Ke asks Mr. Qian who was in charge of the event, and He Yu smiles to admit that it was him. He Yu explains that he changed the time on his own because the user activity at night is higher than the day’s. He adds that he got Yao Qing to be on duty, and Yao Qing reports that the internet technology problem had solved five minutes ago.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 13 Review

The World Owes Me A First Love

Mr. Qian mentions the mistake of 1,000 items becoming 100,000 items. Yao Qing reveals He Yu changed the price, and Xia Ke will earn. Xia Ke praises He Yu and Yao Qing’s strain capacity.

Xing Yun takes Xia Ke, Yao Qing and He Yu to eat barbecue. He Yu wanted to take a photo of Mr. Qian’s face and send to the group e-mails. He thanks Yao Qing for saving him, but she asks Xia Ke to repay her.

Xia Ke ignores Yao Qing and asks her how she found Mr. Qian’s plan. Yao Qing reveals Xiao Wang told her that Mr. Qian changed the system of the website, and she asked him to stay for a while.

Xia Ke doesn’t wish the thing to happen again, and Yao Qing shares that people have high expecting on instance. Xing Yun wishes not to disappoint people. Xia Ke and He Yu cheer up Xing Yun.

Shen Qing receives a house from someone, and she visits Grandma. Shen Qing thinks the gift is too precious, and she only wants blessing. Grandma asks Shen Qing if she still hates her after knowing Xiao Ke’s real face.

Shen Qing reveals she just didn’t want to be Grandma’s chess piece, and she could understand what Grandma did after she gave birth to Xiao Xi. Grandma asks if Xia Ke is still single, and Shen Qing shares that he won’t be single soon.

Xing Yun visits Shen Qing and reveals she didn’t eat breakfast

for tasting her cake. Shen Qing wants to teach Xing Yun how to make cake, but Xing Shun shares that Xia Ke thought her hands are clumsy.

Shen Qing shares that the cake Xia Ke likes most is black forest, and Xing Yun thinks Xia Ke is like black forest who hides a lot of deep things.

He Yu calls Yao Qing and wants to buy her earrings. He thinks Xia Ke won’t remember Yao Qing’s birthday, and Yao Qing tells He Yu that she will throw it to his face if he buys something cheap. He Yu spots the four leaf clover necklace, and the seller reveals four leaf clover means luck.

Shen Qing reveals to Xing Yun that Xia Ke was very cute and he protected her when he was scared. It makes Xing Yun laugh, and Xia Ke shows up. He sees Xing Yun making cake, and remembers Xing Yun cared for cat so that he hired her.

Xia Ke startles Xing Yun and makes her drop the cake. She asks him why he was close to her, and he mentions she made pizza with He Yu. Xing Yun thinks the cake must be tasting bad, and Xia Ke agrees on it. Shen Qing steps on Xia Ke’s foot, and asks Xing Yun to take the fruits for her.

Shen Qing tells Xia Ke not to hide it in his heart if he likes Xing Yun. Xia Ke admits his feelings to Xing Yun. Xing Yun runs into He Yu, and he tempts her with luffy’s T-shirt. She agrees to take a look at the T-shirt, but she needs to deliver the fruits first.

Shen Qing tells Xia Ke to use his misfortune to gain sympathy when his rival in love He Yu has many advantages. Xing Yun returns with He Yu, and He Yu shares that they’re going to take a look at luffy’s T-shirt. Xia Ke wets his clothes and asks Xing Yun to take it to the dry cleaning shop. But she tells him to get his 300 maids to wash it for him. Xing Yun goes to check the T-shirt, but finds out that she was fooled by He Yu.

The next day, Xing Yun arrives at the office. Yi Yi tells Xing Yun that Xia Ke prepared cake for her, and Xing Yun thinks it’s the last supper. Amy shows up and reveals she is going to buy Yao Qing birthday gift. Xing Yun thinks Xia Ke has been changed, but Amy says that Yao Qing is different. Xia Ke watches Xing Yun, and remembers Shen Qing told him not to dispatch Xing Yun.

He Yu tells Xia Ke that he intends to give the necklace to Xing Yun, but Xia Ke reminds He Yu that Xing Yun will be fired if she accepts the gift over 500 yuan. So He Yu has to talk about one piece with Xing Yun. Yao Qing wants to take his birthday with Xia Ke, but he says that he has a business. Yao Qing promises to wait for Xia Ke.

Yi Yi tells Xing Yun that she cannot catch the doll, and He Yu gives the necklace to her. But she thinks it’s appropriate. So he wears the necklace to Xing Yun. But she puts the necklace into his pocket. Yi Yi tells Xing Yun to stay with He Yu, but Xing Yun says that she doesn’t like He Yu.

Yao Qing waits for Xia Ke at the restaurant. Amy brings the present Xia Ke asked her to buy to Yao Qing, and she notes the earring Yao Qing wears. Yao Qing opens the box and finds out the gift is same to her earring. She texts Xia Ke that she is waiting for him.

Love Affairs in the Afternoon Korean Drama Episode 1 Review

Ji-Eun rides the bicycle and she sees the burning house. She sees Soo-A’s family watching the fireworks, and says, “Some fires are a celebration and other fires are a calamity.”

Love Affairs in the Afternoon Korean Drama Episode 1 Review

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Ji-Eun rides the bicycle and she sees the burning house. She sees Soo-A’s family watching the fireworks, and says, “Some fires are a celebration and other fires are a calamity.”

The ice cream drops on her toes, and she adds, “Just like how all types of love isn’t as hot as a fire.” Her husband Chang-Kook returns home but only cares the birds when she asks him to eat.

Soo-A tells her little girl A-Ram to eat vegetables, but A-Ram rejects it. Her husband Young-Jae gives the earrings to her. Chang-Kook wants to remodel the house, and Ji-Eun is happy.

But Chang-Kook’s meaning is the birdcage. Ji-Eun walks away when he asks for napkins. She washes her face and says, “I really wish he would stop calling me Mom. I know he’s being considerate of me since I don’t have a child. But does he really not know that it hurts me even more?”

She offers to have a child as his mom is waiting, but he tells her to ignore his mom.

It’s already been 3 years. During that time, we did not have any intercourse. Because it doesn’t necessarity cause problems.

Ji-Eun asks the birds if they want to fly around the sky when they’re in the birdcage. Soo-A prepares the breakfast for her family, and A-Ram shows her dance skills. But the A-Jin shows the yoga skill to A-Ram, which A-Ram cannot do.

Ji-Eun sees off Chang-Kook and wishes him to say something warm to her before he goes to work. But he just lets her bathe the birds, and kicks away her shoes. Ji-Eun gets her shoes back.

“I feel like all the precious things in life all disappeared, like an empty cocoon, after a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and flies away. Even if this house catches on fire today…I probably won’t cry. I don’t have a single thing that is valuable to me to protect.”

Ji-Eun’s mother-in-law Ae-Ja walks in and startles Ji-Eun. Ji-Eun asks Ae-Ja how she came in, and Ae-Ja replies that she pressed the passcode. She asks Ji-Eun to have a daughter and tells her to drink her medicine. Ji-Eun tells Ae-Ja to leave because she needs to go to work. But Ae-Ja wants to do the clean work for Ji-Eun.

Ji-Eun sees Soo-A driving through, “It’s not emotions like jealousy or envy. Because she just seems completely different from me. Like a different species from a different world.”

Sim Clara asks Ji-Eun to stuff the water bottles, but Ji-Eun messes it up. Sim Clara scolds Ji-Eun for it. Jung-Woo passes by and helps Ji-Eun. Sim Clara tells Jung-Woo to leave, and thinks he is her style. But Ji-Eun trips Sim Clara.

Min-Young sees the old man bullying Chang-Kook, and stops him. She asks Chang-Kook for the team dinner, and he agrees with it. Sim Clara talks with Ji-Eun about Soo-A and thinks she wears small size.

Young-Jae talks with his colleagues about the new drama grey, and he looks for an illustrator. The woman shares that there is an illustrator contacted them.

Young-Jae visits the illustrator Ha-Yoon, and he is startled when Ha-Yoon pours the red pigment on the floor. Young-Jae gives a contract to Ha-Yoon then.

Ji-Eun sees Soo-A getting kissed by the man, and thinks she saw something wrong. She calls Chang-Kook and asks for having dinner together, but he has a department dinner.

Ji-Eun walks in the convenience store and is awkward to see Jung-Woo. Yoon-A grills meat for Chang-Kook, and coworkers can eat barbeque together when he looks around. He explains that he doesn’t want to cause damage on her. But she thinks they did nothing.

Ji-Eun calls Chang-Kook, but he texts her that he is in the meeting. She sees the note Ae-Ja left that Chang-Kook doesn’t eat old side dishes. Jung-Woo’s wife Sang-Eun texts him that she will return to Korea.

Ji-Eun is sick, and Chang-Kook takes out the medicine. But the medicine is for the birds, not his wife. Ji-Eun thinks she is invisible, and asks Sim Clara for covering her shift. But Sim Clara thinks Ji-Eun is going to see a man.

Ten Years Late Drama Review

Many lovers break up because of misunderstanding, and Ten Years Late is such a Chinese drama tells a story about the man Jin Ran tries to win his ex Yuan Lai’s heart after ten years of misunderstanding.


Ten Years Late

Jin Ran (Shawn Dou) sees Yuan Lai (Bextiyar Gülnezer) and Cheng Zhi (Jones Xu)’s wedding photo, and mistakes that they’re going to get married. They actually shoot a commercial. Jin Ran accepts Mr. Wen’s offer, and becomes Yuan Lai’s boss. He is in jealousy while seeing Cheng Zhi and Yuan Lai at the airport.

Cheng Zhi and Yuan Lai are going to go to Turkey, but Jin Ran sends Yuan Lai to Japan to make her part with Cheng Zhi. Jin Ran teaches Yuan Lai to resolve the dispute of the tourists, and she is shocked to see him. Jin Ran remembers that Yuan Lai told him that she loved Cheng Zhi, and it hurt him deeply. She doesn’t want to see him because she spent four years to forget him.

Ding Ang (Kanazawa Hao Kim) dumps his girlfriend because the girl is rude to kid, and he runs into Xin Yi (Wang Rain), who accompanying her boyfriend Zi Fu to buy house. Zi Fu shows how he loves Xin Yi, and Ding Ang is in jealousy. Ding Ang still loves Xin Yi and wants to get her. So he asks Cheng Zhi to go on the blind date for him because he cannot forget the woman.

Ten Years Late

Cheng Zhi pretends to be a gay and meets with Shuang Shuang (Cecilia Boey), and he thinks Shuang Shuang will dislike him. But she falls for him, and knows that he isn’t Ding Ang. Xi Zi is going to get married, and invites Yuan Lai to her wedding, and she mentions Xin Yi and Yuan Lai loved Jin Ran before.

Jin Ran sees the invitation card, and mistakes that Yuan Lai is going to get married. He bursts into the wedding hall, and tries to take her away. But he finds out that the bride is Xi Zi. Yuan Lai drinks for Xi Zi to prove their friendship, and is drunk to go to the restroom.

Jin Ran walks in the women restroom and tries to kiss Yuan Lai. She stops him, and Cheng Zhi gets angry because Jin Ran harassed Yuan Lai. He asks him why he cheated on Yuan Lai, and Jin Ran and Cheng Zhi has a fight. Ding Ang stops the two.

Ten Years Late

In the Xi Zi’s wedding, Xin Yi (Fu Jian Yang) gets the flowers and Zi Fu (Zhang Xing) is asked to propose. But Zi Fu rejects it. She gets angry to him, and he wonders why Ding Ang knew Xin Yi is allergy to oyster. Ding Ang sees Zi Fu walking a woman, and tells Xin Yi not to be a ostrich.

Cheng Zhi takes the ring and asks Yuan Lai to be his girlfriend, but she rejects him. But he doesn’t want to give up. Zi Fu proposes to Xing Yi on the end, but the pregnant woman shows up and gives Xing Yi a slap. Ding Ang tells the woman that the ring is bought by him.

Xin Yi tells Jin Ran that she chooses Zi Fu because he has a house, and he tells her to consider Ding Ang. But she worries that she will lose Ding Ang on the end, and leans on Jin Ran’s shoulder. Yuan Lai mistakes it. Shuang Shuang learns Yuan Lai is Cheng Zhi’s girlfriend, but Yuan Lai explains that she and Cheng Zhi are just friends. So Shang Shuang decides to pursue Cheng Zhi.

The Untamed Chinese Drama Episode 40 Review

This is my review of The Untamed Chinese Drama Episode 40. Jin Ling thinks Si Zhui wants to absolve for Wu Xian, but Si Zhui tells Jin Ling not to conclude before looking into the case. Jin Ling mentions many men died in Wu Xian’s hand, and he won’t forget the revenge that Wen Ning killed his father. The man stops their fight, and thinks the dishes will be cold. Si Zhui apologizes to Jin Ling and asks him to take a seat.

The Untamed Chinese Drama Episode 40 Review

The Untamed

Lan Zhan shows up and asks for the wine. The students walk to their seats. Si Zhui thinks he saw it wrongly as Lan Zhan took the wine. Wen Ning shows up outside the window and asks Wu Xian if it was Yan Li’s son. Wu Xian admits it and Wen Ning falls to the ground when Lan Zhan calls Wu Xian. Wu Xian tells Wen Ning to leave, and is surprised that Lan Zhan brought wine to him.

Lan Zhan gets the wine for Wu Xian and reveals Xi Chen recognized him and Jiang Cheng knew who he is. Wu Xian wonders why Lan Zhan recognized him, and Lan Zhan wonders why Wu Xian’s memory is so bad. He invites him to go to golden stage with him next month, and Wu Xian learns that Lan Zhan thought Chifeng Zun’s head was hidden there. He thinks it proves their speculating, but worries about Ze Wu.

Ze Wu shows up and invites Wu Xian to go to golden stage with Lan Zhan. He promises to do the self-evident truth if they can find the evidence.

Wu Xian arrives at golden stage with Lan Zhan and Ze Wu. Jiang Cheng wonders why Lan Zhan came, and asks Zi Wu to introduce Wu Xian to him. Meng Yao joins them with Jin Ling, and Jiang Cheng scolds Jin Ling. Meng Yao explains that Jin Ling knew that he made the mistake, and he didn’t dare to eat because he worried Jiang Cheng to punish him.

Jin Ling tells Jiang Cheng that he didn’t have any appetite these days, but Jiang Cheng thinks Jin Ling looks good. Jin Ling asks Wu Xian why he came, but Meng Yao thinks Wu Xian is a guest. He tells Ze Wu not to restrain.

Wu Xian tells Lan Zhan that the people there know Xuan Yu, and thinks he can only pretend to be silly when people asks him strange questions. He doesn’t want to shame him, but Lan Zhan tells Wu Xian not to provoke other people.

Meng Yao shows up with his wife Qin Su, and she has the eye contact with Wu Xian. Meng Yao asks the guests to drink the wine, and Huai Sang cries to ask Meng Yao to help him. So Meng Yao asks Qin Su to leave. Wu Xian thinks the people of Jin family’s eyes are weird when they look at him, and wonders what Xuan Yu did. He thinks he confessed love undress, and tells Lan Zhan to watch on Jiang Cheng. He asks him to stop Jiang Cheng if he looks for him. Lan Zhan reminds Wu Xian to remember his status.

Jin Ling wonders how Wu Xian got in the yard, and Jin Chan shows up and wants to give Wu Xian a lesson because he thinks Xuan Yu is his student. But Jin Ling points out that Wu Yu isn’t the student anymore as he got kicked out. He thinks he should ask Lan Zhen first if he wants to give a lesson to Xuan Yu.

Jin Chan thinks Jin Ling hated Xuan Yu before, but Jin Leng tells Jin Chan that it’s not his business. Jin Chan blames Xuan Yu for tangling Qin Su, and stops Jin Long calling the dog Xian Zi. Wu Xian helps Jin Ling defeat Jin Chan, and thinks Jin Ling won first time. Jin Ling complains that Jin Chan always got the helpers, and asks Wu Xian who taught the art to him.

Wu Xian shares that Lan Zhan taught him the art, and thinks they will break Jin Ling’s art if he used it many times. He tells him to learn more arts from him, and Jin Ling reveals Jiang Cheng always persuades him. Wu Xian tells Jin Ling not to listen to Jiang Cheng, and shares that the people he wants to beat are more and more after he grew up. He tells him that his life isn’t complete if he doesn’t fight with people.

Jin Ling asks Wu Xian why he came the backyard and thinks he still loves Qin Su. Wu Xian blocks Jin Ling’s mouth, and shares that he loves someone else. Jin Ling asks Wu Xian if he is Xuan Yu, and Wu Xian thinks he saw Xuan Yu’s looks. Jin Ling shares that Xuan Yu’s face was ruined. He tells Wu Xian not to appear since he wears the mask. He threatens to call the dog if Wu Xian doesn’t leave. Wu Xian runs away.

Wu Xian gets the paper person to move, and he is drunk to sleep. The paper person climbs to Lan Zhan’s head and intends to take off his head belt. Lan Zhan stops him and tells him to be careful. The paper person rides the food box and gets in the Fangfei palace. When he is going to take off the letter, Qin Su walks in. Wu Xian notes that Qin Su is sick, and she conceals the letter when Meng Yao walks in.

Qin Su tells Meng Yao that she saw a person and he gave her a letter. Meng Yao tells Qin Su not to believe the person, but she asks him if it’s real which was written down in the letter. Meng Yao reads the letter and denies it. But she thinks he lay to her, and takes away the letter. Meng Yao tells Qin Su that he is nice to her, and thinks what she did hurt him. He burns up the letter, but she wishes to never know him.

Qin Su tells Meng Yao to kill her, and asks him how their son A Song died. He mentions A Song was killed by someone else, but she thinks all they knew are fake. He reminds her that A Song is his son, but she thinks nothing he doesn’t dare to do. He walks to her and asks who gave her the letter. He thinks the person will tell it to other people. Wu Xian wonders if the guy is the same person guiding them to look for the body of Chifeng Zun.

Qin Su thinks Meng Yao isn’t a human, and he shares that he had no other choice. He reminds her that people will look down on her if they know it. Qin Su yells that she wishes not to be related to him. He tells her that he loved her before, and remembers she never said anything to his background. He backhugs her and tells her that he loves her, but he reminds her that A Song has to die. She turns around and slaps him. She complains that nothing he cannot do for the position.

Meng Yao asks Qin Su if she doesn’t want to tell the person to him, and she thinks he will kill the person. He reminds her there are many guests outside, and stuns her. Meng Yao takes Qin Su to the cell, and the paper person follows them. Meng Yao tells Qin Su that she can go back if she tells the person to him. He notes that someone is staring at him, and takes away the cloth. We see the head of Chifeng Zun. Meng Yao thinks Chifeng Zun doesn’t forgive him after many years.

Bloody Romance Drama Review

Woman is the eternal theme which most dramas described. The beauty and tragedy make us to watch it again and again. Bloody Romance tells a story about a woman Su Qixue has to be survival in the Gui Hua City after being sold by his father. But he finds out she becomes victim of power struggle between prince and ruler.

Bloody Romance is adapted by Banming Banmei’s novel Bloody Romance. The novel was top rating on Weibo. The drama is starred by Yi Yitong, Qu Chuxiao and Wang Duo.


Bloody Romance

Like other Chinese dramas, the heroine struggles to live in the cruel world. Qixue (Li Yitong) is no difference, she lives by carrying death body. But his father still sells her to brothel. Liu Guang (Guo Xuefu) saves her when she is almost raped, she tells her to join Gui Hua City which is the only place she can be survival.

But Gui Hua City isn’t a paradise, she has to learn how to become a assassin, otherwise she will be killed. She is sent to kill the big boss prince (Wang Duo). The prince wants to kill her, and eats her heart because she ate his pearl “Nine Lives”.

Fortunately, there is a warm man Chang An (Qu Chuxiao) is nice to her, and teaches her the murder skill. But he has his goal, and wants to kill the ruler Cha Luo (Xu Jieer). So he abandoned Qixue when she doesn’t have good future than Liu Guang, and becomes Liu Guang’s servant.

Qixue is bitterness since Chang An is the only one she trust, and gets disfigured. The prince catches the chance to approach her, makes her fall for him. Because she looks like his mother. He plans to use her to replace the ruler Cha Luo, and becomes the new ruler.

But Qixue is too merciful, and Chang An returns. He tells her that his goal is make Liu Guang fights with Cha Luo, so Qixue can becomes the ruler. But she misunderstands him too much, and doesn’t trust him any more. Prince wants to kill Chan An as well, because he knows Qie Xue loves him.

Liu Guang falls Chang An as well, and feeds him aphrodisiac, to make him sleep with her. But he resists it as he loves Qi Xue. Prince confesses his love, and kisses Qi Xue. But she pushes him away. Prince asks if she loves someone else. She claims she only wants equal relationship.

But emperor sent the army to attack Gui Hua City, Cha Luo flees with her servant Xing Feng (Li Zifeng). Chang An fights with the army as he promised to Qixue protecting Prince. Just then Qi Xue sneak in palace, and dances for emperor to beg for retreat.


Bloody Romance
Bloody Romance
Bloody Romance

Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 10 Review

This is my review of Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 10, Park Cheol-Min wants to see Seo Rin and gives luck ring to Jang Baek-Hee as fees. Sharon is shocked after she saw her photo which was shot 100 years appears in Kim Young-Mi’s shop.

Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 10 Review

Black Knight

Park Gon knows Choi Ji-Hoon is Jung Hae-Ra’s ex through Sharon after they are drunk. Lee Sook-Hee thinks there is something happened between Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-Ra when she sees they looking at each other with smiling, although they denies it.

Moon Soo-Ho knows Yoon Dal Hong’s son got a car accident and is in a coma. Park Gon tells Choi Ji-Hoon that he knows he is Jung Hae-Ra’s ex and reveals they are good friends since childhood. Choi Ji-Hoon tells him that he isn’t intention to cheat her, it’s just a mistake, and thinks it’s not a sin to love her. But Park Gon thinks he fooled Jung Hae-Ra and is going to reported it to Moon Soo-Ho.

Moon Soo-Ho lets his assistant send a basket of flowers to Yoon Dal Hong with blessing. Park Cheol-Min treats Jang Baek-Hee brunch and asks her about Seo Rin, Jang Baek-Hee tells him that Sharon is alive but she gets old. Sharon asks Yang Seung-Goo’s suggestion regarding the shirt which she wears. Yang Seung-Goo thinks it was made for male.

Jung Hae-Ra wants to visit Sharon with her friends, but she rejects it. Park Cheol-Min shows his collecting to Jang Baek-Hee, but she thinks there isn’t any item which she is looking for. He gives her the luck ring which was found in yellow tail’s stomach and asks a meet with Sharon, Jang Baek-Hee recalls Sharon told her that she lost the luck ring from the cliff.

Sharon is shocked when she sees Kim Young-Mi use her photo which is shot 100 years ago in her shop, she asks to buy the photo, but Kim Young-Mi rejects it and tells her that she will give her as present if she can do business with her and Jung Hae-Ra. Sharon pours a cup of tea on the photo and breaks it.

Sharon feels depressed even if she ate so many taffies and asks Yang Seung-Goo to buy some cakes, but he rejects it and want to quit. Sharon orders him to buy cakes before he quits. Moon Soo-Ho persuades Jung Hae-Ra to invite Sharon to do the business together even if she rejects it.

Choi Ji-Hoon gives Moon Soo-Ho the shirt which made by Sharon to thank him for recommending clients to him. Director thinks Jung Hae-Ra is interviewing with other companies after he sees she isn’t in the office. Jung Hae-Ra brings draft proposals to Sharon, but Sharon doesn’t want to do business with her. Jung Hae-Ra wears a veil hat after seeing so many wedding dresses in the tailor and reveals she wants to get marry with someone she loves. Sharon hurts Jung Hae-Ra’s face with her scissors. They have a fight after Jung Hae-Ra sees the blood on her palm.

Sharon thinks Boon Yi didn’t respect her and bit her since she is just her slaver. Jung Hae-Ra returns and apologizes to Sharon with delicious food, Yang Seung-Goo thinks she has nice personality. Jung Hae-Ra is upset after she knew her project is cancelled as other companies copy her idea. She hugs Moon Soo-Ho tightly after she runs into him, he claims his heart is burning and takes out roasted sweet potatoes from his chest, she lets him not make fun since she is sad.

Moon Soo-Ho invites Lee Sook-Hee to join their dinner and reveals she and his guest are their family. Lee Sook-Hee runs into Jang Baek-Hee outside and recalls she is the person who paid off the debt for her and asked her to take care of Jung Hae-Ra. Jang Baek-Hee lets her pretend they never met before.

Ahn Chan Ki visits Sharon and wants to do business with her, she isn’t interested in his project initially but she accepts it after she knows his boss is Moon Soo-Ho. Moon Soo-Ho reveals there are two persons who saved his life, they are Jung Hae-Ra and Jang Baek-Hee. Jang Baek-Hee reveals she encouraged him when some bad things happen to him and gives the luck ring to him, letting him to melt it when he wants to make matching ring with Jung Hae-Ra. Lee Sook-Hee thinks Jang Baek-Hee is acting Jung Hae-Ra’s mother-in-law.

Jung Hae-Ra comes up with new ideas but are voted by director, she wants to get angry but calm down ultimately. Moon Soo-Ho appears, director introduces him to the team members and reveals he will work with them. Moon Soo-Ho hugs her when they are outside.

Sharon visits Moon Soo-Ho’s company, Ahn Chan Ki introduces her as the land’s owner Seo Rin.

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