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Dance of the Sky Empire Episode 3 Review

You Lian searches the first badge on Li Xuan, but he mistakes that she likes him. She is awkward to flee. Li Xuan tells Zi Ji not to let him be the national master again. But Zi Ji reminds Li Xuan that his enemies won’t forgive him if he isn’t the national master. He promises to let him look for his mom when he protects the first badge.

Dance of the Sky Empire Episode 3 Review

You Lian takes part in the freshmen gathering. Yun Shan accuses of Feng Ming for doing sexual harassment on her. He explains that he just bumped her when reading the book. Pian Ran is asked to dance for people as she is known to be good at dancing.

She is in jealousy after seeing Li Xuan stares at You Lian. She tells her to dance with the name of crown prince. You Lian claims she isn’t good at dancing. Li Xuan provokes her that she just fears. So she walks on the stage, and stuns everyone with her dancing skill. Pian Ran loses her face and plays the Lingyun song for You Lian. The song’s rhythm is too fast. But You Lian still performs it well.

Lu Xuan sees You Lian dancing, and remembers he saw her before when he is a child. He goes to the rest room, but he is caught by Crown Prince. Crown Prince gets his men to bury Li Xuan, but Li Xuan reminds Crown Prince that the second prince will get the benefit if he kills him.

You Lian shows up and tells Crown Prince that the academy will set up seal and he must leave now. Li Xuan feels happy, but You Lian continue burying him, asking for first badge. He tells her that he hid the badge somewhere, and asks her to release him. But she isn’t the one who can be fooled.

Li Xuan passes out, and You Lian takes him out of the soil. She does the artificial respiration on him. He wakes up and accuses her of stealing a kiss from him. She tries to explain it. But he doesn’t believe it, and tells her to attack him. She thinks he is a jerk, and is furious to run away. But she forgets the first badge.

The next day, Li Xuan arrives at the academy and he wants to take revenge for Crown Prince. You Lian asks him for the first badge. He threatens to tell people that she kissed him. She has to give up to take away the badge.

Dance of the Sky Empire Episode 1 Review

The National Teacher of human clan Zi Ji kills the king of Kunwu clan Dragon King, and the saintess of Kunwu clan makes the wish that the human world will be ruined when Dragon King wakes up. Zi Ji worries about it.

Dance of the Sky Empire Episode 1 Review

Li Xuan as a child of Kunwu and Human clans. He sees his mom being killed by Zi Ji. He rages and wants to kill Zi Ji. Zi Ji doesn’t hurt the kid as he sees that he will be the hero to save human clan.

Many Years Late

The new saintess You Lian comes to Tianqi city and she wants to join Moyun academy to release Dragon King. Her master gets rid of the kunwu clan sign of her to get her not to be caught. But the mirror Zi Ji set shows You Lian’s real looks.

Li Xuan kidnaps elder prince before he becomes crown prince, and brings a big riot. He pretends to be a dead, and tries to go out of the city in his follower’s help. But You Lian exposes his real identity as the bodyguard asks her to take a look at the mirror.

It makes Li Xuan be chased by the bodyguards, and he is caught by Zi Ji before he flees out of city. Li Xuan is punishes by his father, and he tells him that he wants to ask the man who knows everything about his mom. Li Xuan’s memories is removed by Li Ji so that he doesn’t know his mom died.

The princess of sand kingdom Yun Shan and the lady Pian Pian fights for a man. You Lian mistakes them making a living as a performer. Pian Pian gets angry and wrongs her for stealing her spirit treasure. Li Xuan passes by and wants to take revenge for You Lian for making him get punished. Pian Pian gives You Lian to him even if her sister Pian Ran thinks she shouldn’t do that.

The man spots Yun Shan defeating Pian Pian, and wants to repay her grace. She sees that he likes her, and tells him to stay away from her.

Parallel Love Chinese Drama Review

What you will do if you return to ten years and needs to get the man you dislike to be president for getting back to the previous world. The lead role Lin Miao faces the issue on the Chinese drama Parallel Love.

Parallel Love Chinese Drama Synopsis

Lin Miao walks to the place where she is going to introduce her design to people. But she gets into a strange world after she bumped Jiao Yang at the door of the coffee shop.

Jiao Yang is going to become the president of Hong Yu firm. But Lin Miao shows up again and tears up his shirt while asking him to look for the person Johnny for him. The reporter spots the lipstick mark on Jiao Yang’s neck, and he spreads the gossip.

Lin Miao runs into Johnny at the store and learns that it’s ten years ago. She returns home after finding the key from the flowerpot, and gets a message that she must help Jiao Yang be the president for returning to her world. Meanwhile, the Lin Miao who lives in 2010 is shocked to see herself, and she passes out.

President Jiao knows the trouble Jiao Yang brought, and wants to get a assistant for his son. But Secretary Yan tells President Jiao that nobody came to apply. So President Jiao decides to be the assistant of Jiao Yang before the new assistant comes.

Lin Miao shows up and tells President Jiao that she wants to assist Jiao Yang. But Jiao Yang is against it as he recognized that she was the woman who bumped him. President Jiao asks Jiao Yang to make a choice from him and Lin Miao. He chooses her.

Jiao Yang tells the employees that the person will get promoted if one of them can make Lin Miao leave. So the colleagues begin to give Lin Miao hard time. Lin Miao deals with the issue the colleagues brought, and he is surprised to see Cheng Jun who is her ex-boyfriend. She has no face to see him, and goes to Jiao Yang’s office.

Jiao Yang tells Lin Miao that he rejected her application of employee dormitory. Lin Miao has no way but to sleep at the office. Jiao Yang catches her, and she tells him that she was driven out by the landlord. She has no place to stay. She feels sorry for rejecting her application, and tells her to go to his house. Jiao Yang is surprised.

Parallel Love Chinese Drama Review

Parallel Love Chinese Drama makes Lin Miao to return to the world where she is a normal girl. She isn’t young but she is outstanding. So Jiao Yang will fall for her even if she brought trouble to him. He doesn’t show any talent in the first episode, and the only thing he does is to play game. He becomes the vise-president because of his dad, and he needs to get training to be the president. It will be no problem since Lin Miao joined the company, and she can help him with her talent. But Jiao Yang isn’t aware of it, and he orders the employees to bully Lin Miao. He doesn’t know the danger has come. Cheng Jun, Lin Miao’s ex-boyfriend is also the heir of Hong Yu firm.

Cheng Jun can take everything away from Lin Miao when he is not qualified to be the president. Cheng Jun can also make Lin Miao leave Jiao Yang with their love. But I think Parallel Love will get Jiao Yang to fall for Lin Miao. So she will support him even if he is so stupid and only knows to show his handsome looks.

The employees in the office are dumb. There will be a reason Jiao Yang hired them. They only know to frame Lin Miao, and they show the scandal footage to President Jiao. It makes President Jiao think his son is an incompetent person so that he will give the position to Cheng Jun.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose Drama Review

Nowadays more and more people love Chinese dramas, and the reason they left Korean dramas is because the stories are same. But Chinese dramas usually bring the fresh story. The Romance of Tiger and Rose is the one which takes you to get into the world the writer wrote, and the writer Chen Xiaoqian tries to save her script.


The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Chen Xiaoqian (Zhao Lusi) is a screenwriter who wrote the script The Romance of Tiger and Rose, but the actor Teacher Han doesn’t want to play the role Han Shuo in the script because he thinks she doesn’t know what is love. So she keeps writing to prove he was wrong. But she falls asleep and gets into the world she wrote where men are slaves of women.

She becomes the big bully in rose city Third Princess Chen Qianqian who just robbed the younger prince of tiger city from her older sister Chu Chu, and she is going to get married with him. Chen Xiaoqian knows the role will be killed by Han Shuo as she is a jerk, and Han Shuo came to rose city just for dragon bone. The only way to save herself and return her previous world is to get him to marry Chu Chu.

But Han Shuo is moved by Chen Qianqian after she cured his heart disease. So he will never fall for Chu Chu and helps Chen Qianqian to be the younger lord of the city. Chu Chu is supposed to be the lord. But Chen Qianqian took away the position from her, and she isn’t the biological daughter of current lord. So Chu Chu turns evil and tries many times to kill her younger sister. Han Shuo saves Qian Qian. But she is cold to him as she knows that he will ruin rose city one day, and she needs to get back to her world.

Qian Qian is sent to eliminate the bandit Meng Guo. Han Shuo saves Qian Qian again and moves her. She decides to be in love with him, but Elder Princess Yuan Yuan’s husband is killed. Qian Qian mistakes that Lin Qi killed him. So she catches her and is going to punish her. But Chu Chu as Lin Qi’s friend wants to kill her. Qian Qian helps Lin Qi flee, but Lin Qi is killed on the way to tiger city.

Qian Qian realizes that Han Shuo is fated to kill by Chu Chu. So she frames him for killing the lover of Yuan Yuan, and sends her out of the story. Han Shuo doesn’t know Qian Qian’s plan, and mistakes her as a bad woman. He returns rose city in Chu Chu’s help, and he takes the city.

Pei Heng takes the badge flower from Chu Chu, and he gets the army. When Chu Chu is going to force the lord to give the position to him, Han Shuo betrayed Chu Chu. Pei Heng arrives and catches Han Shuo. Han Shuo’s plan fails, and the lord intends to kill him. Qian Qian takes her life for saving Han Shuo. But Chu Chu still doesn’t want to forgive Qian Qian.

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You Are My Destiny Episode 2 Review

Wang Xiyi calls Shi Anna and asks her where she is. She tells him that she is on the way to Paris, and promises it’s the last time she gave up him. He forgives her.

You Are My Destiny Episode 2 Review

Chen Jiaxin’s hair is in the zipper of her back, and she asks Wang Xiyi to untie it for her. He does it but she takes away his room card. She arrives at the restaurant and calls her boyfriend Gu Chi. He takes the beauty passing by, and lies that he has a stomachache, claiming that he needs to go to the room to take medicine.

Wang Xiyi sees Gu Zhi taking the woman getting into the room, and he puts his phone under the door. He goes to see Jia Xin and asks her to return the room as he thinks she stole his ring. She has to return the room with him, and sees her boyfriend sleeping with the woman. Gu Chi tries to deny what he did, and claims that the woman was wet and needed to get changed.

Wang Xiyi takes out the phone and plays the what Gu Chi talked with the woman. Gu Chi is furious to tell Chen Jiaxin to leave even if she paid the room fees. Wang Xiyi mistakes Chen Jiaxin for taking her life. She explains that she tried to take the scarf. He thinks she should get changed, and reveals Shi Anna abandoned him and went to Europe. She thinks the people who abandoned them are living happy, and he offers to take revenge.

Wang Xiyi gets the makeup artist to dress up Chen Jiaxin, and throws away her glasses. She becomes a beauty, and he takes her to enjoy the cruise. She thanks him for what he did for her, but he tells her that it’s just the beginning.

Wang Xiyi takes Chen Jiaxin to see Gu Chi and the woman in the billiards bar. Wang Xiyi says that he didn’t play billiards before, and Gu Chi tells him to play it with him. Wang Xiyi agrees to it but asks Gu Chi to eat the ball. He asks Chen Jiaxin about it.

Chen Jiaxin wants Gu Chi to apologize to her. She wins him in Wang Xiyi’s help, and the woman leaves because she thinks Gu Chi is a loser. Gu Chi has to apologize to Chen Jiaxin, but Wang Yixi asks him to eat the ball. Gu Chi begs Chen Jiaxin to forgive him. She rages to release temper to him but lets him leave. Jia Xin tells Wang Xiyi that she feels great after taking revenge.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 19 Review

Xing Yun brings the breakfast Mom prepared to Xia Ke, but she’s almost spotted by Dad. She tells Xia Ke the rules of moving that he shouldn’t get seen by Dad. He feels happy.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 19 Review

Shen Qing knows her brother’s situation, and asks him if he sleeps well. He tells her that he ate pancakes, and she realizes that he’s living next to Xing Yun. Shen Qin thinks Xia Ke and Xing Yun are in love, but he denies.

Xia Ke says that he cannot think about such things when TIG is in danger, and claims that he and Xing Yun are just strategic partners.

Amy returns TIG and tells colleagues the sinister outside. She sighs that Xia Ke’s integrity and talent even if he’s bad temper. Since then her journey of rebel ends.

Xing Yun takes the duty to remake the side script, and Xia Ke can enjoy the three meals each day. They work together day and night, and have feelings to each other.

In the evening of overtime, Xia Ke and Xing Yun become lovers.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 18 Review

He Yu shares drinks with Yao Qing at the bar, and they turn the love alliance into dumping alliance. The two keep drinking and try to forget the bad feelings.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 18 Review

The next day, He Yu is kicked in the bed, and he wakes up. Yao Qing wears his shirt and her hair is dishevelled. He’s flustered while recalling what happened last night. But she doesn’t care for it.

He Yu thinks it’s different than before. Because the one he slept with was his best friend. He stares at the earrings Yao Qing left and the necklace Xing Yun returned to him. He’s lost in thought.

Xing Yun returns to the company, and she finds out that her resignation didn’t bring good luck to TIG. Xia Ke and suppliers broke. Many employees left.

Xing Yun decides to take down the love to Xia Ke for inspiration. She wishes Xia Ke and the company to run well.

Xing Yun visits Yao Qing at the kendo site, and asks her why investors don’t join TIG since the company runs well.

Yao Qing tells Xing Yun that Xia Ke offended President Sun, and President Sun spread the bad rumors of TIG. Xia Ke wishes to find the investor who has same dream to him.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 17 Review

Xia Ke takes the resignation letter Xing Yun hands over, and asks her if she makes the decision. She remembers what He Yu told her that Xia Ke will let her leave without guilt when she tells him that she fell for him.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 17 Review

Xing Yun nods and she can accept the misunderstanding from Xia Ke. But she cannot bear the hero in her mind lose his dream and company for her. Xia Ke signs on the resignation letter.

After Xing Yun leaves, Xia Ke meets with President Sun. President Duan thinks Xia Ke supported him and kicked Xing Yun out. But Xia Ke came to end the cooperation. He cannot accept the capital kidnapping.

Yao Qing visits Xia Ke and wants to join TIG. But he rejects it as she doesn’t love game. Xing Yun works as drawing private tutor after she resigned.

He Yu wants to be Xing Yun’s real boyfriend, but she orders the spicy foods Xia Ke likes. She washes it with water, and eats up silently.

Yao Qing cares for Xia Ke and finds out that he likes to work overtime until evening and drive to Xing Yun’s house.

It’s the birthday of He Yu. Xing Yun and Yao Qing get invited. Yao Qing brings the uninvited guest Xia Ke.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 16 Review

Xia Ke finds the real suspect, and he asks Xing Yun to go back to work. The two feel happy. But He Yu is sad after seeing their sweet scene.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 16 Review

Xia Ke brings the real evidence through making car accident. The person who bought the car was Dong Dong, and the policy holder was younger female cousin of President Yang.

Dong Dong admits that he stole the secret, and he’s taken away by police. Xia Ke announces to get back Xing Yun’s position.

Lin Jing shows up, and she was arranged to prepare the wedding by President Yang. Manager Duan apologizes to Xing Yun, but he hates her more.

Lin Jing tells Xing Yun that Ke Ke came to the company to look into the case when she left. Xing Yun is moved.

President Qian gets people in the project to leave because of the leak, but he keeps He Yu and Yao Qing. The two work overtime.

Xing Yun brings the gift to Xia Ke, and it’s the action figure he asked her to buy. She hears him having a fight with the investor, and Manager Duan asks Xia Ke to fire Xing Yun.

Manager Duan threatens to end investment. Xing Yun worries about it when she sees Xia Ke working hard for TIG.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 15 Review

The colleagues in the company talk about Xing Yun. Xia Ke has to suspend Xing Yun. She is furious to leave, and wants to find the evidence to prove her innocence.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 15 Review

The classmate Lin Jing runs into the boss who wanted to hire her, and the boss is the owner of the company who copied the game.

He Yu walks Xing Yun and wants to help her. Yi Yi and Amy are angry for Xing Yun, and they think Xing Yun is wronged.

The only one who doesn’t take action is Xia Ke, but he actually looks into the case in the company and doesn’t sleep.

Yao Qing sees it and accompanies Xia Ke to work. Shen Qing asks Xing Yun to move goods for her, and Xing Yun runs into Xia Ke.

Xia Ke is still in anger, and he fights with Xing Yun. He tells her that he trusts her, and she is stunned. The two find the trace in the place they send cake.

The car store gives the ballet tickets to car owners, and the reception of TIG received it. It means that someone got huge money to buy car, and the express is anonymous. Nobody takes it, and it looks suspicious.