Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 2 Review

Lee Yeon wakes up and opens his eyes. He sees Ji-A who is staring at him. He asks her if she wants to die. She tells him that she wouldn’t take the tea and wait for him if she feared him. He gets up from the couch and walks to her. He tells her that he will help her see something.

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 2 Review

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 2

Lee Rang and Yu-Ri arrive at the mortuary house. He reminds her to conceal her tail. The guy opens the car door for Yu-Ri. He feels honored after knowing she came to pay her respect. She doesn’t know how much money she should give to the family of the dead.

Lee Rang tells Yu-Ri that they came to enjoy the sadness because he killed the dead. So she gives out all of the cashes she has. Ji-A takes a look at Lee Yeon and thinks he hasn’t changed. He tells her that he’s a nine tailed fox.

Ji-A asks Lee Yeon what happened when she encountered him in the evening. He tells her that he saved her because he mistook her as someone else. She asks him about her father and mother. He thinks the two passed away. But she doesn’t believe it, and asks him for a help.

Lee Yeon tells Ji-A that it’s not his business. She takes out the flash drive and tells him that she will let people see his face. So he blinds her eye. She puts the flash drive into the tea, and begs him. He sneers at her.

Lee Yeon meets with Shin-Joo and tells him that Ji-A used the medicine on him. Shin-Joo is furious to stand up. He thinks the girl almost murdered Lee Yeon. Lee Yeon comforts Shin-Joo because he worries that people will hear their talk.

Shin-Joo asks Lee Yeon why he thought he didn’t get rid of Ji-A’s memories. Lee Yeon tells Shin-Joo that his magic doesn’t work for some people.

Ji-A watches the family video at home. She tears up. Mother hands over a head from TV to Ji-A. Ji-A is startled to wake up from her nightmare. Lee Yeon carries a sword to return to the office. Ui-Ong introduces Taluipa to people as the daughter of Dark King. She glares at him.

Lee Yeon asks Taluipa if A Eum is alive. She admits it but she doesn’t know where she is. She tells him not to look for A Eum. Because she worries that he will get hurt again. But he rejects it and gives her a lipstick.

Ji-A meets with Lee Yeon at the restaurant. He tells her that her parents are alive. She says that she wants to look for her parents. She apologizes to him for using the medicine on him. She asks him if there’re other foxes in the world. He admits it and reveals they’re like real humans.

Lee Yeon sees Ji-A off. He tells her that he doesn’t want to see her again. But she grabs his sleeve and begs him not to leave. He reminds her that she has a call. So she picks up the phone. She tells him that her friend’s mother was dead after she had a nightmare.

Hyun-Woo takes Ji-A to look for the bag she left. He finds it and tries to confirm the stuff with her. But she throws the coins to the floor. He gives up the bag and begins to pick up the coins and put it into his mouth. She’s scared to look at him.

Hyun-Woo tries to hurt Ji-A. But he’s stopped by Lee Yeon. Lee Yeon defeats Hyun-Woo and threatens to kill him. Hyun-Woo confesses that his brother got him to do that. He flees when Lee Yeon is talking with Ji-A.

Hyun-Woo kidnaps Ji-A and tells Lee Yeon not to walk to him. Lee Yeon casts the coins to Hyun-Woo and stuns him. He walks to Ji-A and tells her not to get into his world.

Lee Yeon is reading book. He remembers Lee Rang threatened to kill A Eum. He opens the fridge and asks Hyun-Woo about the location of Lee Rang. Hyun-Woo rejects it because he worries that he will get killed. So Lee Yeon decides to close the fridge.

Hyun-Woo stops Lee Yeon. He calls Lee Rang and tells him that he failed. Lee Yeon meets with Lee Rang and asks him not to hurt Ji-A. Lee Rang gets angry because his brother gave up him for A Eum. He turns over the table and grabs his clothes.

Ji-A takes the boat with Lee Yeon. He tells her to leave because he worries that she will get hurt. She rejects it as she wants to look for her parents. He thinks it’s his fate to encounter her.

Ji-A gets off the boat. Pyung-Hee picks her up. She lets Lee Yeon join them after he claimed that he’s a follower of Ji-A.

Pyung-Hee arrives her house. She invites the two to get into her house. Ji-A interviews Pyung-Hee and hands over the tissue to her after she noted that the girl cried. Pyung-Hee shows her father’s last voice to Ji-A. Lee Yeon tells Pyung-Hee that her father replace her to get killed.

Lee Yeon walks Ji-A in the forest. Mountain Spirit shows up and pays her respect to Lee Yeon. He asks her to tell him what happened there. But she doesn’t know about it because the spirits fled after the war. She adds that she cannot leave because she’s tied on the tree. Lee Yeon guides Ji-A to release Mountain Spirit.

Mountain Spirit thanks Ji-A for releasing her. She tells her to visit the north because she thinks she’s related to the forest. She disappears. Lee Yeon praises Ji-A and throws away the rope. Ji-A walks away after she checked the compass.

Ji-A arrives at the cliff. She finds out that she visited there when she stayed in her mother’s body after taking a look at her family photo.

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