Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 1 Review

Young-Sun gives the birthday present to her daughter Ji-A when her husband Jong-Soo is driving. Ji-A opens the gift and tells her dad that she likes it. Jong-Soo laughs. But Young-Sun worries about something. The car hits something, and it turns over.

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 1 Review

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 1

Ji-A asks for help and notes that her parents become ghosts. She screams and wakes up from her nightmare. She hugs Young-Sun and tells her that she loves her so much. Young-Sun asks her daughter what’s gotten into her. Ji-A hugs Jong-Soo and tells him that she loves him as well.

Jong-Soo laughs and tells Ji-A that he loves her. He asks her if she had a bad dream. She says that she doesn’t want to think about it, and plays the music toy. But she finds the blood on her clothes, and tells Young-Sun that she wants to eat walnut cookies.

Young-Sun looks for the walnut cookies. But she doesn’t find it. So she tells Ji-A that she will give it to her tomorrow. Ji-A points out that they never buy walnut cookies, and she had to go to the hospital because it turned out. She says that she was allergic to nuts.

Young-Sun explains that she forgot it. Ji-A points out that her mom never forgets it because she’s a daughter. Young-Sun touches Ji-A’s hair and tells her that she forgot it because she’s really tired. Ji-A stabs Young-Sun and thinks she’s not her mom. She asks her where her mom is.

Young-Sun takes Ji-A’s neck and tells her that she is her mom. Ji-A kicks Young-Sun and hides under the table. But her parents try to catch her. She runs into her room and closes the door. Lee Yeon shows up and tells Ji-A to forget everything she saw.

Ji-A returns to the car accident scene. She cries to tell the police that her parents are gone, and asks him to find them for her. He comforts her that he will do it, and asks her if she remembers how the accident happened.

21 Years Later

Lee Yeon wakes up and takes a bath. He finds the note someone left. It tells him to eat ice cream after the breakfast. But he throws the note away. He holds the red umbrella and walks in the rain, arriving at the building. The lady complains why it’s raining since she didn’t saw it on the weather forecast. Another lady says that she just got her hair done. Lee Yeon tells the two that it’s because a fox is getting married.

Lee Yeon walks in the wedding room and mentions the bride didn’t send him the wedding invitation when she’s taken photos with other girls. The bride tells her friends to leave. Lee Yeon asks her how she managed to hide so well, and thinks she couldn’t get rid of her bloodthirsty past just by changing her looks and identity.

The bride asks Lee Yeon to forgive her. She tells him that she’s changed and she doesn’t harm humans anymore. He laughs and thinks she shouldn’t dream of having a happy ending after eating so many livers. She tells him that she is in love when he goes to take a look at the wedding photos.

But Lee Yeon points out that the bride will die. She thinks he understands it because he fell for a human being. He tells her that he hates people who bring up his past, and warns her not to take out her claws. He puts his sword on her neck after avoiding her attack.

The bride begs Lee Yeon to let her see her man just one last time. She adds that it’s her last wish. The woman shows up and tells the two that it’s time for the wedding. Lee Yeon tells the bride that he won’t kill her until the ceremony ends.

Ji-A rewrites the script and asks Jae-Hwan what he thinks. He learns that she revised the script again, and thinks the writer will faint. She points out that the revision is much better, and gives the script to him. She thinks a PD needs to have guts. But he says that he doesn’t believe in monsters and ghosts, and it scares him. She says that she’s not scared at all, but she believes in them.

Jae-Hwan asks Ji-A if she saw them in real life. She admits it. He thinks she’s trying to scare him. She notes that the weather stinks. He thinks it means a happy marriage if it rains on wedding day.

Lee Yeon kills bride in front of her husband, and thinks she should’ve run away because she had the time. She’s in tears and tells him that she wanted to be a bride. He tells her not to fall in love in her next time. She asks him to only remove the good memories of her from her husband’s memory. Lee Yeon promises it and kills the bride.

Jae-Hwan runs to tells Lee Yeon that the wedding in the next room was cancelled. She is shocked to see Lee Yeon walking through her. Jae-Hwan asks Ji-A if she knows Lee Yeon. She denies it. So he tells her to look into the wedding case.

Ji-A is checking the wedding dress. Jae-Hwan reports to her that the bride ran away. She thinks it’s possible, but wonders what kind of an enlightenment the bride must obtain to make such an expensive about-face in life. Jae-Hwan thinks it’s a true love.

Ji-A finds the blood on the dress, and wonders why the bride left it there. Jae-Hwan leaves to get the video. She takes a photo of the wedding dress, and finds the hair. Shin-Joo tells Ji-A that it’s red fox fur. She wonders if the native foxes are extinct. He laughs and shows her the photo that there was a fox native to Mount Sobaek found. He reveals that one was caught in an apartment complex in Gyeongju. She learns that showing up in a wedding hall is nothing.

Shin-Joo worries that Ji-A found the truth, and calls Lee Yeon. But Lee Yeon doesn’t pick up his phone. Lee Yeon sits on the bench and remembers what the bride said that he fell for a human. The little girl balloon flies away. Lee Yeon helps her get it back.

The little boy spots it and asks Lee Yeon if he’s a alien. Lee Yeon tells the kid that he’s a nine-tailed fox who has lived over 1000 years.

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