Dance of the Sky Empire Episode 3 Review

You Lian searches the first badge on Li Xuan, but he mistakes that she likes him. She is awkward to flee. Li Xuan tells Zi Ji not to let him be the national master again. But Zi Ji reminds Li Xuan that his enemies won’t forgive him if he isn’t the national master. He promises to let him look for his mom when he protects the first badge.

Dance of the Sky Empire Episode 3 Review

You Lian takes part in the freshmen gathering. Yun Shan accuses of Feng Ming for doing sexual harassment on her. He explains that he just bumped her when reading the book. Pian Ran is asked to dance for people as she is known to be good at dancing.

She is in jealousy after seeing Li Xuan stares at You Lian. She tells her to dance with the name of crown prince. You Lian claims she isn’t good at dancing. Li Xuan provokes her that she just fears. So she walks on the stage, and stuns everyone with her dancing skill. Pian Ran loses her face and plays the Lingyun song for You Lian. The song’s rhythm is too fast. But You Lian still performs it well.

Lu Xuan sees You Lian dancing, and remembers he saw her before when he is a child. He goes to the rest room, but he is caught by Crown Prince. Crown Prince gets his men to bury Li Xuan, but Li Xuan reminds Crown Prince that the second prince will get the benefit if he kills him.

You Lian shows up and tells Crown Prince that the academy will set up seal and he must leave now. Li Xuan feels happy, but You Lian continue burying him, asking for first badge. He tells her that he hid the badge somewhere, and asks her to release him. But she isn’t the one who can be fooled.

Li Xuan passes out, and You Lian takes him out of the soil. She does the artificial respiration on him. He wakes up and accuses her of stealing a kiss from him. She tries to explain it. But he doesn’t believe it, and tells her to attack him. She thinks he is a jerk, and is furious to run away. But she forgets the first badge.

The next day, Li Xuan arrives at the academy and he wants to take revenge for Crown Prince. You Lian asks him for the first badge. He threatens to tell people that she kissed him. She has to give up to take away the badge.

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