You Are My Destiny Episode 2 Review

Wang Xiyi calls Shi Anna and asks her where she is. She tells him that she is on the way to Paris, and promises it’s the last time she gave up him. He forgives her.

You Are My Destiny Episode 2 Review

Chen Jiaxin’s hair is in the zipper of her back, and she asks Wang Xiyi to untie it for her. He does it but she takes away his room card. She arrives at the restaurant and calls her boyfriend Gu Chi. He takes the beauty passing by, and lies that he has a stomachache, claiming that he needs to go to the room to take medicine.

Wang Xiyi sees Gu Zhi taking the woman getting into the room, and he puts his phone under the door. He goes to see Jia Xin and asks her to return the room as he thinks she stole his ring. She has to return the room with him, and sees her boyfriend sleeping with the woman. Gu Chi tries to deny what he did, and claims that the woman was wet and needed to get changed.

Wang Xiyi takes out the phone and plays the what Gu Chi talked with the woman. Gu Chi is furious to tell Chen Jiaxin to leave even if she paid the room fees. Wang Xiyi mistakes Chen Jiaxin for taking her life. She explains that she tried to take the scarf. He thinks she should get changed, and reveals Shi Anna abandoned him and went to Europe. She thinks the people who abandoned them are living happy, and he offers to take revenge.

Wang Xiyi gets the makeup artist to dress up Chen Jiaxin, and throws away her glasses. She becomes a beauty, and he takes her to enjoy the cruise. She thanks him for what he did for her, but he tells her that it’s just the beginning.

Wang Xiyi takes Chen Jiaxin to see Gu Chi and the woman in the billiards bar. Wang Xiyi says that he didn’t play billiards before, and Gu Chi tells him to play it with him. Wang Xiyi agrees to it but asks Gu Chi to eat the ball. He asks Chen Jiaxin about it.

Chen Jiaxin wants Gu Chi to apologize to her. She wins him in Wang Xiyi’s help, and the woman leaves because she thinks Gu Chi is a loser. Gu Chi has to apologize to Chen Jiaxin, but Wang Yixi asks him to eat the ball. Gu Chi begs Chen Jiaxin to forgive him. She rages to release temper to him but lets him leave. Jia Xin tells Wang Xiyi that she feels great after taking revenge.

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