The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 19 Review

Xing Yun brings the breakfast Mom prepared to Xia Ke, but she’s almost spotted by Dad. She tells Xia Ke the rules of moving that he shouldn’t get seen by Dad. He feels happy.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 19 Review

Shen Qing knows her brother’s situation, and asks him if he sleeps well. He tells her that he ate pancakes, and she realizes that he’s living next to Xing Yun. Shen Qin thinks Xia Ke and Xing Yun are in love, but he denies.

Xia Ke says that he cannot think about such things when TIG is in danger, and claims that he and Xing Yun are just strategic partners.

Amy returns TIG and tells colleagues the sinister outside. She sighs that Xia Ke’s integrity and talent even if he’s bad temper. Since then her journey of rebel ends.

Xing Yun takes the duty to remake the side script, and Xia Ke can enjoy the three meals each day. They work together day and night, and have feelings to each other.

In the evening of overtime, Xia Ke and Xing Yun become lovers.

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