The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 18 Review

He Yu shares drinks with Yao Qing at the bar, and they turn the love alliance into dumping alliance. The two keep drinking and try to forget the bad feelings.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 18 Review

The next day, He Yu is kicked in the bed, and he wakes up. Yao Qing wears his shirt and her hair is dishevelled. He’s flustered while recalling what happened last night. But she doesn’t care for it.

He Yu thinks it’s different than before. Because the one he slept with was his best friend. He stares at the earrings Yao Qing left and the necklace Xing Yun returned to him. He’s lost in thought.

Xing Yun returns to the company, and she finds out that her resignation didn’t bring good luck to TIG. Xia Ke and suppliers broke. Many employees left.

Xing Yun decides to take down the love to Xia Ke for inspiration. She wishes Xia Ke and the company to run well.

Xing Yun visits Yao Qing at the kendo site, and asks her why investors don’t join TIG since the company runs well.

Yao Qing tells Xing Yun that Xia Ke offended President Sun, and President Sun spread the bad rumors of TIG. Xia Ke wishes to find the investor who has same dream to him.

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