The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 17 Review

Xia Ke takes the resignation letter Xing Yun hands over, and asks her if she makes the decision. She remembers what He Yu told her that Xia Ke will let her leave without guilt when she tells him that she fell for him.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 17 Review

Xing Yun nods and she can accept the misunderstanding from Xia Ke. But she cannot bear the hero in her mind lose his dream and company for her. Xia Ke signs on the resignation letter.

After Xing Yun leaves, Xia Ke meets with President Sun. President Duan thinks Xia Ke supported him and kicked Xing Yun out. But Xia Ke came to end the cooperation. He cannot accept the capital kidnapping.

Yao Qing visits Xia Ke and wants to join TIG. But he rejects it as she doesn’t love game. Xing Yun works as drawing private tutor after she resigned.

He Yu wants to be Xing Yun’s real boyfriend, but she orders the spicy foods Xia Ke likes. She washes it with water, and eats up silently.

Yao Qing cares for Xia Ke and finds out that he likes to work overtime until evening and drive to Xing Yun’s house.

It’s the birthday of He Yu. Xing Yun and Yao Qing get invited. Yao Qing brings the uninvited guest Xia Ke.

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