The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 16 Review

Xia Ke finds the real suspect, and he asks Xing Yun to go back to work. The two feel happy. But He Yu is sad after seeing their sweet scene.

The World Owes Me A First Love Episode 16 Review

Xia Ke brings the real evidence through making car accident. The person who bought the car was Dong Dong, and the policy holder was younger female cousin of President Yang.

Dong Dong admits that he stole the secret, and he’s taken away by police. Xia Ke announces to get back Xing Yun’s position.

Lin Jing shows up, and she was arranged to prepare the wedding by President Yang. Manager Duan apologizes to Xing Yun, but he hates her more.

Lin Jing tells Xing Yun that Ke Ke came to the company to look into the case when she left. Xing Yun is moved.

President Qian gets people in the project to leave because of the leak, but he keeps He Yu and Yao Qing. The two work overtime.

Xing Yun brings the gift to Xia Ke, and it’s the action figure he asked her to buy. She hears him having a fight with the investor, and Manager Duan asks Xia Ke to fire Xing Yun.

Manager Duan threatens to end investment. Xing Yun worries about it when she sees Xia Ke working hard for TIG.

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