Ten Years Late Drama Review

Many lovers break up because of misunderstanding, and Ten Years Late is such a Chinese drama tells a story about the man Jin Ran tries to win his ex Yuan Lai’s heart after ten years of misunderstanding.


Ten Years Late

Jin Ran (Shawn Dou) sees Yuan Lai (Bextiyar Gülnezer) and Cheng Zhi (Jones Xu)’s wedding photo, and mistakes that they’re going to get married. They actually shoot a commercial. Jin Ran accepts Mr. Wen’s offer, and becomes Yuan Lai’s boss. He is in jealousy while seeing Cheng Zhi and Yuan Lai at the airport.

Cheng Zhi and Yuan Lai are going to go to Turkey, but Jin Ran sends Yuan Lai to Japan to make her part with Cheng Zhi. Jin Ran teaches Yuan Lai to resolve the dispute of the tourists, and she is shocked to see him. Jin Ran remembers that Yuan Lai told him that she loved Cheng Zhi, and it hurt him deeply. She doesn’t want to see him because she spent four years to forget him.

Ding Ang (Kanazawa Hao Kim) dumps his girlfriend because the girl is rude to kid, and he runs into Xin Yi (Wang Rain), who accompanying her boyfriend Zi Fu to buy house. Zi Fu shows how he loves Xin Yi, and Ding Ang is in jealousy. Ding Ang still loves Xin Yi and wants to get her. So he asks Cheng Zhi to go on the blind date for him because he cannot forget the woman.

Ten Years Late

Cheng Zhi pretends to be a gay and meets with Shuang Shuang (Cecilia Boey), and he thinks Shuang Shuang will dislike him. But she falls for him, and knows that he isn’t Ding Ang. Xi Zi is going to get married, and invites Yuan Lai to her wedding, and she mentions Xin Yi and Yuan Lai loved Jin Ran before.

Jin Ran sees the invitation card, and mistakes that Yuan Lai is going to get married. He bursts into the wedding hall, and tries to take her away. But he finds out that the bride is Xi Zi. Yuan Lai drinks for Xi Zi to prove their friendship, and is drunk to go to the restroom.

Jin Ran walks in the women restroom and tries to kiss Yuan Lai. She stops him, and Cheng Zhi gets angry because Jin Ran harassed Yuan Lai. He asks him why he cheated on Yuan Lai, and Jin Ran and Cheng Zhi has a fight. Ding Ang stops the two.

Ten Years Late

In the Xi Zi’s wedding, Xin Yi (Fu Jian Yang) gets the flowers and Zi Fu (Zhang Xing) is asked to propose. But Zi Fu rejects it. She gets angry to him, and he wonders why Ding Ang knew Xin Yi is allergy to oyster. Ding Ang sees Zi Fu walking a woman, and tells Xin Yi not to be a ostrich.

Cheng Zhi takes the ring and asks Yuan Lai to be his girlfriend, but she rejects him. But he doesn’t want to give up. Zi Fu proposes to Xing Yi on the end, but the pregnant woman shows up and gives Xing Yi a slap. Ding Ang tells the woman that the ring is bought by him.

Xin Yi tells Jin Ran that she chooses Zi Fu because he has a house, and he tells her to consider Ding Ang. But she worries that she will lose Ding Ang on the end, and leans on Jin Ran’s shoulder. Yuan Lai mistakes it. Shuang Shuang learns Yuan Lai is Cheng Zhi’s girlfriend, but Yuan Lai explains that she and Cheng Zhi are just friends. So Shang Shuang decides to pursue Cheng Zhi.

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