Delicious Destiny Drama Review

I really enjoy Chinese Drama, especially food related. Delicious Destiny is the one aired on Youku 2017. The drama talks about a handsome chef and a poor girl’s love.

Li Yu Zhe (Mike) is a chef who was born from a rich family. He falls in love with Song Jia Ming (Mao Xiao Tong) after filming Delicious Destiny. He has a rich girlfriend Ye Yi Lan (Chen Xin Yu) who works for his father and loves him deeply. While finding Li Yu Zhe is interested in the poor girl, she tries to stop it. However, she fails, even if she utilizes her family’s power.

In the beginning, Song Jia Ming didn’t love Li Yu Zhe at all. She is interested in her senior Zhao Han and dislike Li Yu Zhe’s arrogance. But, she is moved while seeing he helps her look for her mother and takes care of her when she gets sick.

Zhao Han is Yu Zhe and Yi Lan’s close friend. He hates Yu Zhe as his father killed his father and drove his mother mad. He loves Yi Lan, but his lover is only interested in Yu Zhe. He kidnaps Yi Lan and Jia Ming, avenging his parents.

Although Yi Lan comes from a rich family, her mother is just a ugly and poor woman. Her grandmother Han Xiu Yun covers it and doesn’t want she to see her mother. Her stepmother Chen Lan is Jia Ming is mother, she abandons Jia Ming as her ex-husband is poor and cannot give the life she wants, hence she married Yi Lan’s father because of money. She tries her best to prevent her daughter from finding her and is afraid of losing what she owns.

Yu Zhe also has a stepbrother Kun Jin who comes from Thailand. He lands China and looks for his father. But Li Jia Guo always tries his best to send him to home. He knows his wife will divorce with him, if she knows the truth.

Delicious Destiny is a good drama which is worth to watch, as Mike, Mao Xiao Tong and Chen Xin Yu’s joining. You can see how Mike chases Mao Xiao Tong and how Chen Xin Yu prevents their love. She hurts others as well as herself.

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